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We simply can’t do this without you. It doesn’t take much time to make a big difference for the United Way and our community! Here are a few ways you can help.


Be a Social Media Champion

Follow us and share our posts when you see them. Just a click can make a big difference in spreading awareness of all the good we’re doing in Southwestern Indiana.


Write a review on our Facebook page

Organizations gain tremendous credibility with written reviews. Give us 5 stars and share how you’ve been involved with the United Way.


Distribute the Goods

Grab a stack of 2-1-1 or other program cards from our office and distribute them at your workplace, school, or public location. We’ll even deliver some to you!


Show off that Shirt

Wear your United Way shirt from Day of Caring and talk about your experience. Need a shirt? Let us know!


Stay in Touch

Sign up to receive our monthly e-news, and we’ll send you information about how you can give, advocate, and volunteer each month.


Invite a Friend

Whether you volunteer with Day of Caring, Spring Days of Caring, Young Leaders United, or one of our many other programs, invite a friend to join you.  Volunteering together can be a great bonding experience for your family, friends, or coworkers.



It's easy to be an advocate! Help us spread the word.