You Can Help

Welcome to the  You Can Help page!

• Items needed for local nonprofit agencies and their clients – see list below

• Volunteers needed for local nonprofit agencies – click here for a current list of volunteer opportunities


  • How this page works:
    • Any local nonprofit organization may send a list of equipment, furniture or supplies needed for offices or programs, items needed for clients, and volunteer opportunities with your organization.
    • Send your items needed list to United Way SWI contact, Katie Sutton at ksutton [at] unitedwayswi [dot] org
    o Please include the following information:
     Name of the organization
     Person of contact
     Phone and email
     Items you need (Office, volunteers, clients)
    • Please note that space is limited on this page. If your listing has been fulfilled, please let Katie Sutton know, or it will be taken off after 2 weeks to make room for other requests. You may resubmit the need if necessary.  Please contact Katie if you have any questions.


Nonprofit Agency Needs:

Organization: Person of Contact: Volunteer Opp. Need(s):
St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store Please call Don Harris 812-480-6891 for more info. None Water and Stamps
 AIDS Resource Group  Please call Stacy at 812-421-0059 for more info. None  Band-Aids, copy paper, composition books, sandwich baggies and $25 Walmart gift cards
 Albion Fellows Bacon Center Please call Penny at 812-422-9372 for more info.  None Walmart gift cards, new towels and washcloths 
 Ark Crisis Child Care Center Please Call Samantha at 812-423-9425 for more info. None  White copy machine paper, paper plates and cups, napkins, stamps, manila file folders, washable markers, hand sanitizer, batteries, craft items for children
 Aurora of Evansville Please call Aimee at 812-428-3246 for more info. None   Is seeking bus tokens, copy paper, cleaning supplies, toliet paper and paper towels. Donations may be dropped off at 1001 Mary Street, Evansville, IN.
 Holly’s House Please call Yvonne at 812-437-7233 for more information   None  Is in need of Snacks for our visiting clients that are individually wrapped ex: Chips,pretzels, popcorn,peanuts, raisins any bagged snack. Also individual cakes, cookies, Twinkies, crackers, etc. Also drinks in a can or children’s pouch or box.  
 Right Steps Network   Please call Gene at 812-760-9806  or gkendrick [at] rightstepsnetwork [dot] org“>gkendrick [at] rightstepsnetwork [dot] org  None Right Steps Network is in need of medium size hinged knee braces. 
 Albion Fellows Bacon Center Please call Rachel at 812-422-9372 or rachelh [at] albioncenter [dot] org“>rachelh [at] albioncenter [dot] org   None There are in need of women’s deodorant and tampons for guest at their shelter. 
 Hangers Please call Dave at 812-435-8888 x 22212 or dave [at] evscfoundation [dot] org  None  Hangers is in need of new socks and new underwear of all sizes for students, hygiene items (bar soap, body wash, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste ) and gently used clothing, especially uniform clothing. Drop off on Monday’s from 8:00 am-12:00 pm @ AIS Diamond (Former North high school) 800 Wedeking Ave. door 27.
Parenting Time Center Please call Tabitha at 812-759-1543 or tabitha [at] parentingtimecenter [dot] org None Items needed: Multi-propose coping paper, Bic pens, batteries: ‘AA’ ‘AAA’ & ‘C’, stamps, white out, post-its,
paper plates, paper towels, Kleenex, Clorox Whips,  Swiffer Wet Jet & Febreze spray
Boys and Girls Club Evansville Please contact Tonya at tstaup [at] bgclubevv [dot] org None Items needed: Push Mower, laundry detergent, and Sharpies.
Evansville State Hospital Please contact Theresa at theresa [dot] arvin [at] fssa [dot] in [dot] gov or 812-469-6800 ext. 4208 None Program incentives needed – gift cards for restaurants (McDonald’s, Subway, Dairy Queen, Donut Bank), stores (Shoe Carnival, Walmart), and Amazon, Visa, Mastercard (for downloading music onto personal mp3 players); other items: alarm clock radios, pocket radios, SanDisk 8 gb mp3 players, wide cloth hairbands, bird seed for bird feeders, birthday greeting cards, thank you note cards, Halloween/Thanksgiving cards