Real Life Story: Arc of Evansville

This story was submitted to us from Arc of Evansville Child Life Center with permission to share.

Ben is a four year old child, who began receiving services from The Arc of Evansville’s Child Life Center (CLC) in August, 2014.  At that time, Ben used scripted speech and experienced difficultyArtboard 1 copy 3givenow responding to simple questions. He was easily distracted and unable to feed himself.

Ben also exhibited a low frustration tolerance which resulted in aggressive behavior towards his peers.  CLC teachers and Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation therapists worked together to employ occupational therapy, speech therapy, and sensory strategies for Ben.

Over time, the strategies helped Ben improve in a variety of areas.  He has experienced improvement in his attention to task, is able to follow the classroom routine, participates in circle time, and interacts with his peers.  He often participates in pretend play with his friends and loves to use his imagination while playing with ocean animals.  In addition, Ben’s expressive vocabulary has greatly increased.  He now has extensive conversations with his peers, teachers, and therapists.  Some of Ben’s favorite topics to talk about include Skylander Giants and Minecraft.  Ben is now able to feed himself and is willing to try new foods.

During our re-evaluation process, it was determined that Ben has progressed to the point that he will no longer need services when he enters into kindergarten in the fall. 

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