In an effort to let our community know about the tremendous resources and assistance that our corporate and civic organizations are coordinating in this time of uncertainty and need, community organizations have put together a listing of the following efforts that are taking place in the Tri-State area right now.

Guidelines for people who feel sick
Information from Deaconess
Information from St. Vincent
Gibson County Council on Aging is still offering transportation to doctors appointments.
HIP Brochure
HHW Link
Find a Navigator
FSSA Benefits -Apply
American Red Cross has face mask – Please contact Theo Boots at with questions.

Resource Guides:
WCC Resource Guide
Indiana United Ways Resource Guide
Spencer County Resources

Child Care:
Ark continues to provide free crisis child care to any child, aged 6-weeks to 6-years
Posey: Early Learning Center
Christian Church Daycare
YMCA Child Care

Summer Child Care is available at the Y! There is no better place for kids to connect, make new friends, try new things, and discover their potential. We are following all CDC, local, state and government guidance to offer care in the safest manner possible. To view our Summer Child Care safety protocols and locations or to register for care, please visit our website at For specific questions, please contact Kathryn Johnson at

Financial Assistance is available so that no family is denied access to care due to financial limitations. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, click here for the application. Do not register online if you are applying for financial assistance, we will assist you in registering after your application is processed.

Family Services:
YouthFirst offers prevention programs 

Educational Assistance:
NGSC WIFI Bus Locations
EVSC Instructional Resources – parents of kids in school

Carol Abrams
Kimberly Alsept-Gard
Jane Annakin
Don Apple
Dan Arens
Joanne Artz
Martha Baehl
Kevin and Sarah Bain
Bruce and Carol Baker
Kenneth Balbach
Joseph and Carol Ballard
Tara Barney
Peter Barringer
Susan Bauldry
Rick Baumgart
Jerry Becker
Vaneta Becker
Patricia Beckgerd
Brent and Cindi Beeler
Maureen Bell
Jerry and Cindy Benkert
Steven Bennett
Niles Besing
Parri and Dave Black
Sylvia Blice
Chris and Amy Bolek
Ira and Theresa Boots
Valerie Bostick
Stephen Bowman
Brauer Family Charitable Fund
Alan and Sharon Braun
Tim Brennan
Kathy and Stephen Briscoe
Anita & Jim Brown
Randall Brown
Kevin Bruce
Carol Buckman
Steve Burt
Jenny Campbell
Amy Canterbury
Amy Casavant
Carl Chapman
Ross Chapman
Denise Ciamillo
Karen Cinelli
Pat and Martha Creech
Mike & Laura David
Kurt Davies
Robin Deem
Dennis Dewey
Michael DiLegge
Rebekah Dodd
Greg Donaldson
Jeffrey Duncan
Larry and Sharon Dunigan
Dorothy Durgy
Laura Dwyer
Joseph Easley
Niel and Karen Ellerbrook
Debbie Ellison
John Engelbrecht
James & Lani Ethridge
D. Craig and Kathy Ettensohn
Bill and Tammy Evans
Scott and Jenelle Evernham
Linda Evinger
B. Edward Ewing
Ally Fields
Kyle Fields
Philip Fisher
Kari Fluegel
Marcia Forston
Kelly Gates
Tim Geibel
Christopher J Geiser
Gilberg Family Fund
Andrew Goebel
Jon and Martha Goldman
Bob and Debbie Goldman
Aimee Greenlee
Jason Gretler
Jennifer and John Guzman
Chandler and Jingle Hagey
Nathan Hahn
Ruth Hall
Shelli Hancock
Kyle Hanson
Susan Hardwick

Anna Hargis
Jim and Carol Havens
Andrea Hays
Stephen Heeger
Irvin Heimburger
Tony Heldt
Janet and Scott Heldt Baas
Scott & Meagan Henderson
Brent Hill
Peter Hillenbrand Jr.

Kyle Hoefling
Kyle Hoelscher
Danial Hohne
Joe and Sue Hopf
Charlotte Hopper
Kim Howard
Philip Hoy
Bobbie Hudson
Michael Hull
Kenneth Hurless
Rhondalee Hurt
Lisa Isaacs
Corrie Iubelt
Susan Jansen
David & Barbara Jochim
Denise Johnson
Margaret Jones
Bob and Lisa Jones
John Kaiser
Christine Keck
Scott Kempin
Jordan Kendrick
Anne and S. Mark Kerney
Matthew Kincaid
Katherine Kleindorfer
Jeffrey Knight
David Koch
Patricia Koch
Robert and Cynthia Koch
Kevin and Margaret Koch Family
John and Mary Korschgen
Jane Kuhn
Sean Kuykendall
Adam LaGrange
Timothy Lancaster
William Lawton
Donna Leader
Jimmy Lefler
Mark Logan
Paula Logel
Wesley Luttrell
Thomas Magan
Pamela Majors
Amy Mangold
Andrew & Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Maurer
Brenda Mayes
Lance Mayes
Roberta Heiman and Paul McAuliffe
James McMurray
Jeanne Mesker
David Meyer
Randy Miller
Sara Miller
David K. and Sharon A. Milligan
Dave Mitchell
Peter and Carrie Mogavero
Daryl and Carol Monroe
Marci and Matt Moore
Nathan Moore
Mindy Morrow
Glen Muehlbauer
Jim Muehlbauer
Fr. Godfrey Mullen
Regina Muller
Pam Myrick
Donald & Joann Neidig
D. Patrick O’Daniel
Sharon Olson
William Oxby
Allison Paciorkowski
Pete and Cathy Paradossi
Parin Parekh
Daniel Parod
Jack and Debbie Pate
Ruth Patterson
Taylor and Jennifer Payne
Susan Phelps
Jay Picking
Christopher Pietruszkiewicz
Steve Pitt
Scott Plemmons
Jannet Pollock
Terrry Prather
Edward and Nancy Prusz
Jeffrey Purdue
Tom Quanty
Janet Raisor
Sharon Ray
Kathy Reinke

Karen Reitz
Mary Rexing Hall
Deborah Richardt
Greg Richmond
Debra Rickard
Sally Rideout
Brad Roberts
Stephanie Roland
Mark Rolley
Romain Family
Brandon Roop
Sharon Saltzman
Jim and Becky Sandgren
Eric Schach
Charles Schefer
Joseph & Sandra Schmits
Holly Schneider
Kathy Schoettlin
John C. and Diane Schroeder
Michael Schroeder
Robert and Andrea Sears
Kathy Seger
Sherry Sherrard-Jackson
Steve Shoemaker
Seyed Shokouhzadeh
Darlene Short
Benjamin Shoulders
David Shrimpton

Clifton Sifford
Emily Slade
Jennifer Slade
Corlis Smith
Michael Smith
Steven Smith
Stewart Smith, Jr.
Matthew Sorenson
Jason Southwell
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Spear
Lora Stephens
Bill Stone
Bob and Amy Tank
Jolinda Temme
Theodore Tempel
Patricia Tharp
Nancy Traylor
Nancy and Jeff Trockman
Mureena Turnquest Wells
William Van Horne
Laurel Vaughn
Sarah Wagner
Mary Wahl
Phillip Wahl
Jerry and Amy Walker
Karen Waller
Lynell Walton
Linda Wambach
Janet Wandling
Joe Wargel
Bryan and Nicole Webb
Theresa Weber
Robert Webster
Stephanie Weiner
Ann White
Jeff Whiteside
Tom Wilhelmus
Jim Will
Nicholas Will
Mary Williams
Kenneth Willingham
Allen Willoughby
Lynnae Wilson
Avonne Wilzbacher
Christopher Wolking
Patricia Worley
Pat Wu
Charlie Wyatt for Mayor
Lisa Young
Marcia Yurks
Catherine Zimmermann
Cecil and Mabel Lene Hamman Foundation, Inc.

If you would like the resources that your organization/business is providing to be seen in this guide please contact Katie Sutton at
Send the following information:
Resource Category, Resource you are offering, Link to resource.