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Restoration RFP: Reimagining Our Future is a unique, one-time funding opportunity created to support nonprofit collaborations who are ready to reconceptualize systems, environments, and pathways to a more resilient region. Applications to the RFP must demonstrate significant collaboration to be considered.

  • Total funds to be disbursed: up to $1,000,000.
  • Allocations from the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund will end with the last disbursements in Sept 2021. Ongoing support will not be available through the COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund of the Greater Evansville Region.


August 1 – RFP Application Window CLOSED

September 1 – RFP Awards Announced


Committed funding partners across Southwestern Indiana established a community-wide COVID-19 Response Fund of the Greater Evansville Region, primarily Gibson, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties. This response is designed to serve the community through the Relief, Recovery and Restoration phases typical of large-scale crises and to catalyze hope in a time that perpetuates hopelessness and isolation. This fund, which was launched on March 27, 2020, continues to serve as the primary and strategic vehicle designed to meet our community’s needs in the short, mid, and long term. Philanthropic activities across the five-county region will be used to support communities, individuals and families as we continue together with Relief, Recovery and Restoration efforts. United Way of Southwestern Indiana serves as the Fiscal Sponsor, and the Fund Advisory and Allocation Committees include cross-sector representation across the region.


Relief – meet immediate need, a temporary fix for now

Recovery – a transitional foothold, for a ‘new normal”

Restoration – a transformational foundation, for what’s next


Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) approved organization in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service. Funding must serve at least one of the primarily identified regional counties of Gibson, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh and Warrick.

Applications serving multiple counties will be prioritized. Applications to the RFP must demonstrate significant collaboration to be considered. All collaborations must specify a “designated applicant” that meets the eligibility requirements to complete the application on behalf of the collaboration.

Funding Consideration

Organizations may submit more than one request.  There is no minimum dollar amount that can be requested in one application and the maximum is up to $1 million. There is also no limitation on the total dollar amount one organization may receive, up to the $1 million allotted for this award.

Restoration RFP Summary

Note: This Restoration RFP is specifically intended to enhance focus on and direct resources toward restoration efforts that are collaboratively driving greater resilience in our region.

Restoration RFP: Reimagining Our Future is a unique, one-time funding opportunity created to support nonprofits and collaborations who are ready to reconceptualize systems, environments, and pathways to a more resilient region. The ideal candidates can transition from reactive to proactive; to improving and redesigning environments, systems, and networks for a stronger, healthier, more resilient region for all post-pandemic. This opportunity is not designed to support efforts primarily focused on Relief or Recovery efforts, though proposals may have these components as part of their request. The proposal should demonstrate how the project is primarily Restoration and how it will lead to measurable, long-term change for those served and for the region. Applicants are encouraged to dream big and to propose creative solutions.

All applicants are required to describe how the proposed project or proposal will advance the objectives of the Fund. Specifically, RFP applicants should clearly explain how the proposed project will significantly advance Restoration efforts. Restoration efforts are those that advance one or more of the following:

  • Build capacity to lead, govern, grow, influence, and impact
  • Inform systems change through research, studies, and analysis that inform systems and sector enhancement
  • Surface and scale model programming designed to build a stronger and more robust community across all sectors
  • Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within and across systems, sectors, and environments
  • Foster collaboration within and/or across systems and sectors

Examples of restoration efforts include: (See Regional Communities Resilience Framework, RCRF)

  • Reimagining the region’s Health & Wellbeing through systems-level initiatives to significantly advance equitable access to affordable and nutritious food, health and mental health care, high-quality childcare, technology, employment, shelter, or transportation.
  • Reimagining Economy & Society through initiatives promoting engaged communities and social justice.
  • Reimagining Infrastructure & Environment through initiatives advancing reliable communications and ensuring critical services.
  • Reimagining Leadership & Strategy through initiatives that empower a broad range of stakeholders and foster long-term, integrated planning.

Application Process

The application window is now closed.  If your organization is awarded funds, it will be asked to track details about funded activities(s). 

Requests are in the process of being reviewed and scored by COVID-19 Crisis Response Executive Committee. Notification of funding decisions will be communicated via email on or after September 1, 2021. If funds are awarded, an award letter and grant agreement will be provided that includes a request for financial information to establish an ACH electronic payment. After the signed grant agreement is returned to the United Way of Southwestern Indiana and ACH payment information has been obtained, awarded funds will be issued in a single payment (unless other arrangements have been made).

Components of Proposals

Click here to review important funding criteria and Regional Communities Resilience Framework (RCRF) information. Proposals must align with one or more Restoration objectives to be considered for funding. Proposals should also include as much detail as possible in the budget and make sure to demonstrate significant collaboration to be considered.

Grant Applications

Click here to enter the grant portal to review and/or access your submitted grant application. If you have questions, you may contact:  

Reporting Requirements

RFP grantees and their collaborative partners will be required to participate in a structured interview process in the 1st quarter of 2022 to capture numeric output and outcomes data, an overview of the initiative, roles of any collaborative partners, initiative successes, challenges, and lessons learned. Initiatives may also supply pictures, videos, or other information to help provide context for the initiative’s impact. This information will be synthesized into a comprehensive report which will be shared with and validated by the grantee, shared with COVID-19 Crisis Response Fund committee members, donors, and potentially shared with public audiences.

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