You Can be a Superhero on Giving Tuesday!

For anyone who ever wished to have the power to make a really big impact in their community, GivingTuesday can be a dream come true.

Established in 2012, in the U.S. as a celebratory kickoff to the holiday giving season, GivingTuesday happens on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving and has become a worldwide philanthropic event. This year, GivingTuesday will be on December 3 and you can join United Way to provide warm clothing for children in need in Southwestern Indiana.

 The Power of One. The Impact of Many.
The best part about GivingTuesday? It doesn’t take a heroic effort to make an impact.

  • Donate the $5 you would spend on a cup of coffee and it can provide gloves or mittens for a child.
  • That $10 app for your phone can purchase a scarf, hat and glove set.
  • And a donation of $20 will fund a coat to keep a child warm this winter.

Click this link to find out more about Giving Tuesday and how your donation will be used:

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