Financial Stability

_ZJH6910We fight for financial stability for individuals and families by ending the cycle of poverty and financial dependence.

Too many families are walking a financial tightrope – barely getting by with no ability to save for college, a home, or retirement. We help increase financial stability for working families by addressing both the immediate crisis needs and providing long-term solutions through educational programs in financial literacy – including budgeting, savings, banking, and access to non-predatory financial assistance services.

Real Life Story: Salvation Army

This story was submitted to us from The Salvation Army with permission to share.

We had a young family come to our feeding program this past summer. They were seeking resources while living on a very small budget. The mother was doing her best to find work while tending to her young children’s needs. Our feeding program became a lifeline for her family. Through this “foot in the door” service, she was able to find additional resources through our social worker. She was able to get her children engaged in youth programs at a very low cost, allowing her more time to look for work. She was also able to network and connect with other mothers who were attending our soup kitchen at the time.

Because of this program, the young family was able to tap into the resources needed to better their lives. They have since moved on – the mother has found work, and her family no longer requires the use of our soup kitchen.

There is more than just food offered here at our feeding program. We also offer hope and encouragement. We were very thankful to have been able to provide this type of success for a family striving to improve their lives.

VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

By offering free tax preparation assistance and awareness of savings plans for working families and individuals, we help bring unclaimed tax dollars back into our community and the pockets of our citizens. Read more


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