You Decide Where the Dollars Go

At the United Way, we oversee the gathering and distribution of your donated dollars  – but we depend on teams of local volunteers to make the funding decisions. More than 60 local volunteers spend over 1,000 hours of time helping us invest your donation into local United Way Partner Agency programs that support the following focus areas: Childhood Success, Youth Success, Financial Stability, Health, and Vital/Essential services. This helps us consider a variety of viewpoints, holds ourselves and our partner agencies accountable, and keeps things transparent so you know that your donation is helping to fund programs that make the most impact in our community.

Take a look at the local programs we fund under each focus area:

The Deciders

Focus Area Cabinet oversees and implements the fund distribution process, ensuring that United Way, its Partner Agencies, and Community Impact Partners are accountable to one another for the resources and the partnership they share.

Focus Area Program Review Panels review funding requests from the Partner Agencies, assess individual program results, and make funding recommendations for each program.

Focus Area Financial Reviewers ensure that Partner Agencies meet financial stability standards of United Way Funding Criteria.

Once the annual United Way campaign closes, the volunteers weigh the available resources with the needs of the community and the merit of each program before making final funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors. Partner Agencies receive donor designations as well as donations distributed from the general fund.

Your gift to the United Way ensures:

You are supporting the mission of moving individuals out of the cycle of poverty and towards independence and self-sufficiency 

  • The biggest struggles in our community are getting the most attention
  • There are no gaps in funding for nonprofits who may be off your radar
  • Organizations who do not have the resources or time to do fundraising receive financial support

We proudly celebrate and say thank you to our partners who generously invested $1,000 or more in the United Way in 2018, exemplifying the spirit of philanthropy in the communities we serve –

Together, we’re creating change. We invite you to take a moment to review United Way’s 2018 Community Impact Report and see how your support is investing in life-changing solutions for individuals and families that call Southwestern Indiana home.

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