Volunteer Spotlight: Roseyn Hood

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This National Volunteer Week, we are taking a moment to highlight a few of the caring and talented volunteers who give selflessly to create a stronger community. Their drive and dedication serves as an inspiration to those they impact, as well as those who can follow their example. We asked what drives them to volunteer for United Way, and the importance of sharing their talent.

“Thank you so much for honoring me as there are others I know who are also deeply committed to being part of transforming our community in a way that makes Evansville a space for each of us and all of us. United Way consistently seeks to improve the lives of those who too often are minimized if not completely forgotten. This portion of our city’s population is particularly pronounced and it is our collective responsibility to create a more connected, universally “successful” community. I see participating in United Way’s work as an honor, and part of my responsibility if I am truly invested in the future of Evansville.

The environment we choose to create today will directly impact our students’ hopes and dreams. Keeping that in mind, I am determined that tomorrow offers our youth more than they are seeing available today. I do not want them to settle for a subpar future because we have failed to intentionally imagine and cultivate a setting that insists on the discovery of their full promise and potential. As I frequently remind others, it is virtually impossible to dream about what one has never even seen. United Way believes that dreams are not a privilege but a human right-so do I.”

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