Empowering individuals with the resources they need to secure and maintain employment

The Challenge

“The gap between wages and cost of basic living expenses widens each year. Without participating in government assistance programs, families are unable to afford basic housing, food, healthcare, and childcare, and are forced to make spending choices that have major impacts on their families’ health, safety, and well-being.”

– Policy Brief, Center for Hunger-Free Communities, Drexel University

Wage growth is one element in the complex issue of poverty and employment. Barriers to employment are significant to many populations. Limited access to quality childcare, lack of transportation, and housing instability are a few of the problems low-income workers may face.


UWSWI is pleased to release the 2023 Empowering Employment Pathway Grant Purpose Statement.

Within this document, you’ll find information on this grant’s purpose, eligibility requirements, and a general timeline. For additional information, please contact Margaret Stuckey, Community Impact Director, at mstuckey@unitedwayswi.org. 

Empowering Employment Grant Information Webinar & Office Hours

One-on-one time can be scheduled with Margaret Stuckey to discuss your application, ask questions or to determine if your program may be a fit.

If interested, please contact Margaret at mstuckey@unitedwayswi.org.



Expand career placement through mobile services

One way to help people rise out of poverty is helping them obtain higher-wage employment. To get these jobs, they need to first assess their skills and obtain the necessary training. Our funded partners at Grow Southwest Indiana Workforce provide assessments, job training, and job placement. Government funding pays for those in the lowest income brackets; however, United Way funding has enabled GSWI to expand services to those who are struggling but don’t qualify for government programs. This expansion includes mobile service to Warrick and Spencer counties, as well as the placement of Neighborhood Navigators in various nonprofits throughout Evansville.

Provide avenues to skill-up into higher-wage jobs

For individuals with varied barriers to employment, obtaining the needed education or certification can be too much of a financial burden. United Way has partnered with Ivy Tech Foundation to fund a pilot program, IvyBridges, which bridges education to stable employment. Unemployed or underemployed individuals who wish to obtain a CDL license are provided a scholarship which covers nearly all the cost of tuition, books, and fees. Ivy Tech then utilizes its vast network of partners to help place CDL students in open jobs.

Reduce barriers to maintaining employment

You land that great, better-paying job. But how are you going to get there? Reliable, consistent transportation can be a significant barrier for individuals who are trying to improve their economic situation. While public transportation is available within the county, routes, hours, and the county boundary can create problems in maintaining that great job. United Way is providing partial funding to Missing Pieces Development Corporation to pilot a new transportation route to the eastern Vanderburgh-western Warrick County area, increasing access to higher-paying positions.


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