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Giving to the United Way of Southwestern Indiana

Although there are signs of recovery in our community, many households are battling a hidden issue: although they’re working, they can’t make ends meet. This often forces tough choices – do they pay rent or refill medicine? Keep the lights on or put food in the fridge?  United Way is shifting its focus to one goal: empowering individuals and families with resources to improve their economic situation. In other words, to become upwardly mobile.

United Way has developed new Pathways to Potential that are shown to improve the upward mobility of individuals and communities. These new Pathways include:

  • Empowering Employment – Empowering individuals with the resources they need to secure and maintain employment
  • Mental Health – Improving access to mental health care
  • Thriving NextGen – Equipping children and youth with the skills needed to thrive, both socially and academically
  • Social Stability & Growth – Strengthening relationships that serve as a safety net and alliances that expand opportunities for growth

Unite with us to build a community that offers opportunities for everyone to thrive, not just survive. Your gift to United Way is pooled with others to make a significant investment into problem-solving initiatives, creating more impact than single donations to one organization. 

Unity will build a better community… and unity begins with YOU. 

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How To Give


Your employer may offer payroll deduction. Check with your HR Director. Click the icon above to ask about getting a Workplace Campaign started.


Donating online is easy and convenient. You can even set up recurring transactions. Credit, debit, PayPal and ApplePay are all accepted.


Click the icon to download a pledge form, then mail or drop it by our office at:
318 Main Street, Suite 504


Alexis de Tocqueville Society

The Alexis de Tocqueville Society is made up of local philanthropic leaders who generously commit to gifts of $10,000 or more annually. Its members have proven to be highly effective and highly esteemed United Way partners who play a critical role in our important work. Tocqueville donors provide critical support for United Way campaigns, leading the way in gift giving and influencing others to give as well.

Members of the Tocqueville Society enjoy the benefit of connecting with a network of business and civic leaders who have chosen to collaborate with United Way to create long-lasting community change. Members also invited to exclusive local and national networking events and receive regional recognition.

For more information on the  Alexis de Tocqueville Society, contact Amy Canterbury, at 812-422-4100.

Keel Club

The Keel Club is United Way of Southwestern Indiana’s Leadership Giving Society. Just as the keel represents the essential backbone and structural strength of a ship, Keel Club members provide a strong foundation for United Way of Southwestern Indiana.  Annual gifts of $1,000 and above are considered Keel gifts and are invested back into the community to support programs that focus on building blocks of upward mobility – childhood success, youth success and mental health. 

For more information about the Keel Club, contact Amy Canterbury, at 812-422-4100.

Planned Giving

Making a planned gift offers the opportunity now and beyond your lifetime.  With planned giving, you can achieve personal and financial goals while leaving a legacy that will benefit all of Southwestern Indiana for generations to come.  A planned gift is a gift of capital which is not usually made from your current income.  Planned gifts can be given immediately (such as a gift of stock or real property), or deferred (such as a bequest or life insurance policy.)

We would be happy to discuss your planned giving options.  In addition, we strongly encourage you to contact your attorney or financial advisor to obtain information about how planned giving will affect your specific financial situation.  If you are considering a planned gift, please contact Amy Canterbury at 812-422-4100.  

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