We believe every child should begin school ready to learn. But we know many children in Southwestern Indiana start school already behind their peers. K-Camp helps children who have never attended preschool, or need more time in a preschool setting, prepare for kindergarten in the fall.   

This year, 94% of K-Campers demonstrated growth in literacy skills. In addition, the program served as early intervention for 14 campers who may need more intensive assistance as they begin their academic career.

K-Camp 2021

K-Camp 2021 was simply amazing! It was so good to see those smiling faces in person! Our four classes were full and 94% of campers completed the entire program. KCamp is taught by licensed teachers and is designed to be engaging, supportive, and educational. The goal is to help children develop confidence and social skills, while reinforcing early literacy skills like recognizing shapes and numbers, counting, and writing their name. KCamp is an annual program provided by United Way, but made possible by generous sponsors.

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