Who runs United Way of Southwestern Indiana?

A local volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 25 individuals representing a cross section of the community governs the operations of our United Way. The Board sets and monitors policies, reviews the budget and ensures United Way’s accountability to all donors.

What is our United Way’s relationship to United Way Worldwide?

United Way Worldwide sets a general direction for the United Way system. Membership standards ensure local United Ways are transparent, financially accountable and meet legal requirements for nonprofits. United Way Worldwide provides services such as research, training and public policy to local United Ways.

How much of my money actually goes to programs?

United Way is committed to maintaining a low administrative cost. United Way’s administrative and fundraising percentage is 14%, which means $.86 of every dollar you give goes directly to the programs and services offered by United Way and our 30 Partner Agencies. (*Our current administrative cost is unaudited). According to the Better Business Bureau the acceptable standard for nonprofits is 35%.

Who monitors United Way’s financial accountability?

A local volunteer Finance Committee and the Board of Directors review United Way’s administrative expenses quarterly, and an independent accounting firm audits United Way annually.

How are funds distributed?

United Way depends on teams of volunteers to make funding decisions. The Community Impact Cabinet oversees the fund distribution process, ensuring that the funds invested in programs are meeting United Way’s community goals. Focus Area Panels review funding requests from the Partner Agencies, assess individual program results and make funding
recommendations for each program. Audit volunteers ensure Partner Agencies meet financial stability standards of United Way Funding Criteria. These groups, consisting of more than 60 volunteers, begin meeting to review program results and financial statements with Partner Agencies each October. Once the campaign closes, the volunteers weigh the available resources with the needs of the community and outcomes of each program before making funding recommendations to the Board of Directors.  Collectively, Focus Area Volunteers invest more than 1,000 hours of time reviewing, assessing, and making fund allocation recommendations.

Why should I give to United Way when I can give directly to an agency?

Community-wide change cannot be accomplished by any one agency or program. Your United Way gift supports 65 programs that focus on providing the basics of a good life for all.

Does United Way support the entire budget for each of the 30 partner agencies?

No, United Way funds specific programs implemented by partner agencies that support the focus areas of education, financial stability, and health programs, along with essential services to local people in need. Therefore, each agency applies for funding for particular programs that fall under one of these focus areas. If United Way were to fully support these Partner Agencies, we would need to raise over $80 million each year.

I work, but don’t live in Vanderburgh, Warrick or Spencer counties, can I designate to my United Way at home?

Yes. Donors may designate their gift to a United Way of Southwestern Indiana Partner Agency or to another United Way.
The minimum gift to designate is $25 per agency and a Donor Option Form must be filled out and attached to their pledge form.

If I stop working, what happens to my payroll deduction pledge?

Your payroll deduction pledge to United Way is made in good faith and is based on your earnings. Should you cease to be employed, your pledge will stop immediately. You may contact us to choose an alternative method for giving to fulfill your pledge.

Does United Way support abortion?

No, United Way does not support or fund any programs or agencies affiliated with abortion.