At United Way, we convene the resources needed to solve our community’s most critical problems. One of those resources is charitable dollars. United Way raises funds, then oversees the investment of your hard-earned dollars back into activities and programs that demonstrate positive impact toward solving the problem.

But we don’t do that alone.

We depend on teams of local content and context experts who volunteer their time to develop each Request for Proposal and to evaluate applications.  They help us invest your donation into local nonprofits and collaborations that empower individuals and families with resources to support upward mobility. United Way works to make demonstrable impact toward a chosen goal and has developed four Pathways research shows have the strongest links to upward mobility.

Click here for more information on our new strategic focus on upward mobility and view a listing of our current funded partners here.

The Process

The Impact Cabinet assesses the financial resources available and determines funding pools for each Request for Proposal.

In advance of a scheduled Pathway Request for Proposal release, a taskforce of content and context experts is assembled to:

  1. Assess the need in the respective Pathway area
  2. Determine the specific impact goal for the RFP
  3. Develop the RFP, including eligibility criteria and evaluative measures
  4. Evaluate and score grant applications.

Additionally, a taskforce of financial experts is assembled to review applicants’ financial position and program efficiency.

Applications are evaluated via a blind review, ensuring no potential favoritism by anyone who may have professional relationships with applicants. Scores are reviewed by the Impact Cabinet and funding recommendations are based on both applicant scores and available resources. All funding recommendations are then approved by our Board of Directors.

The Grant Timelines

Grant Management Platform

We utilize the e-CImpact software to manage grant applications, progress reports, and accountability documents. If you are a new applicant, you will choose the “New to e-CImpact” selection at the bottom of the login page.

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